Several Notices.

Hello ladies and gentlemens,

I (Drew) have released a solo Electronic project that is available on our bandcamp page.

Songs Found In Dreams Part 1 EP Cover Art

To learn more, go to our tumblr page. Oh and that's the other news. We hae a tumblr page!

Hey! Demo EP Is Out! Kinda!

So, that demo ep i was talking about? You can stream that on our bandcamp page, and listen to what MAY be on the album. So, some notes on this EP

  • It is 6 songs
  • It is only guitar/ukelele
  • No professional recording skills
  • No Vocals

If that doesn't kill your chances of wanting to hear it, i don't know what will.

Art for DEmo's

Hey, if you go over to our music page, you can see the artwork for our demo's ep.

Hey! Subscribe!

Hey, peeps. You can subscribe to our newsletter now. feel free.

Upcoming Demo EP

Hey, folks. I'm planning to make a little demo EP this weekend, so keep your big oversized ears on the scene........

I Went To A Loud Concert, And Now I'm Deaf (Demo EP)

Coming Soon to your computer (More specifically, within the month)


Ok folks, I have been trying to keep this site updated about albums and news. but, this takes time. Which, with the beginning of school, i'm rather pressed for. So, I am trying, it might just be a bit. hold tight.

Ok, so.....

Ok guys, if you wantA to listen to what we pretty much do in our spare time, go to our bandcamp page and listen to stuff. this stuff isn't what the bands real stuff is gonna be like (possibly), and for now this is just kinda there till we figure out what direction we want to go in. It's kinda like our musical venting page (at least for me anyways).

A History Of Albums

      The first thing we ever recorded was a cover of "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" by Cage The Elephant. We recorded 2 other covers that day, which were "Be My Escape" by Relient K and "Sarah Smiles" by Panic! at the disco. We gave our self a name, which then was Flashlight Fire, and the recordings were known as The Duct Tapes. About a week later, we added two more, "Little Ghost" by The White Stripes and "Hopsital Beds" by Cold War Kids. Now, these songs still don't have any cover art, they are NOT on Bandcamp, and there is no way of getting them unless you steal them PERSONALLY from Nate's House Computer. So, no point in looking for them. They were recorded at Nate's house.

     We have recorded two volumes of what we have called The Pointless Recordings, And you can download the whole first volume on bandcamp and the second is 11 songs, but only 2 are up there.

    I Personally recorded an EP called The I Fought Pirahnas EP, which 4 songs of demos, a cover, and a weird song on piano. Still in the process of uploading.

  Nate recorded a version of Blink-182's "The Rock Show" in record time, and that is available too. We also have a single for a rather supid expeirment called "Capo Strike!".

So.... Yeah!


Hello! This is something you should check out after you look at our bio.


Our first album is currently under the title E.P. (The Album) and is slated tenatively for Jan. 1 with a finished deadline of December 16. It is currently still in the writing process.